Personal Training Success Stories


“I started working with Anne after a car accident. I needed to rebuild strength and confidence. There were some exercises I was afraid of doing for fear of hurting my back again. Anne has been incredibly attentive to my physical condition, helping me build strength and flexibility progressively. She pays really good attention to form. You will learn to exercise correctly. Two years later I have not only recovered, I am stronger, healthier and feel better than ever. Anne is also a licensed massage therapist and has been able to use massage and physical training in combination to help me improve my condition. This is a really good investment.  Do it!”

-John Lucas


Anne Roberts has been my personal trainer for more than four years. Before working out with Anne, I was motivated but did not understand how to make a fitness program work. My initial goals were to get in better shape and feel good. I wanted to be able to do whatever I wanted to do physically, like hiking, biking, and walking without feeling exhausted after a short while. I also wanted to lose weight in the process, but weight loss was never a focus in my training with Anne. From the beginning I was impressed by her detailed knowledge of exercise and fitness practices and her understanding of what is effective for me. Anne keeps things interesting and challenging without being a cheerleader or bossy. With her guidance, I have learned to enjoy pushing myself and now know how to keep myself in good shape. I did not know about muscle confusion, body positioning, circuit training, or the difference between aerobic and strength exercises when I began. Now I do, and I have internalized Anne’s training and check myself as I am exercising, which keeps it safe and effective when I work out at the gym on my own. Anne has also been responsive to changes in my health and occasional injuries, adjusting my training as necessary. I have accomplished all my goals and have lost weight. I feel great. Anne’s ongoing pursuit of knowledge and skills relating to exercise, physical fitness, and well-being is impressive. Beyond that, she challenges herself by competing in rigorous contests of strength and endurance. In my opinion, she is the best personal trainer in the area.

 -TR Rosenberg


This is my first experience with Personal Training. I found Anne when a frustrated doctor could not understand how abnormally my body responds to medication. Anne heard my goals clearly, respected prior injuries, and carefully prescribed exercises to restore balance and move toward my goal. She figured out my learning style, removed obstacles, and patiently coached me in a way that would strengthen, restore, and improve without injury. After 3 months of following Anne’s Rx, my doctor confirmed that my goal was met. Anne knows her stuff!



I never thought I’d enjoy exercising, but thanks to Anne, I am. My husband and I have been training together with Anne Roberts for 6 months and we love our sessions! We are amazed and pleased with our significant improvements in strength, flexibility and balance. Friends and family continue to comment on how good we’re looking and want to know the secret. (We’re retired to give you a clue about our ages.)   Anne listens to our goals and then customizes workout programs that focus on them. She uses a variety of exercises and activities to keep the sessions interesting; she trains with discipline and humor and is careful to challenge us while avoiding injury. She also focuses on strengthening areas around existing or past injuries to lessen the likelihood of their recurrence or aggravation.  At our ages, we need to exercise regularly to stay flexible and Anne’s varied workouts and close attention to our capabilities ensure that the time we spend exercising is productive, satisfying, safe and, yes, fun!  In addition to being an excellent trainer, Anne is personable and reliable.  We highly recommend her and are confident you’ll agree that she’s excellent.

-Nancy Boyd and Art Munisteri


Sometimes you meet a person who changes your life, for us that was meeting Anne.  We both for years had struggled with losing weight and getting into shape.  We had a fairly balanced diet and regularly exercised (or so we thought).  But with no success.  We finally decided to hire a personal trainer. That’s when we met Anne.  She took the time to get to know us and find out our goals.  She has and continues to challenge us with new exercises and also helped us with our diet. She knows when to push us and then to be patient, a key asset to a great trainer.  We have both lost 15 pounds, and more importantly we haven’t been this in shape in 20 years!

– George and Beth


Group Exercise Success Stories

I have been a member of Anne Roberts’ Lite Aerobics and Sculpt Class for about a year.  The first half of this class is devoted to lite aerobics, the second half is for weight training, and it is all done to great music.  With Anne’s knowledge, skill and professionalism, she makes certain her class members are doing their exercises correctly and she is constantly monitoring us.  And she does yell a lot  J.  Another great thing is that as you get to know the other class members, it becomes a social event too.

– Celeste


Anne provides a lively and invigorating workout.  Great music and lots of fun!  Regular participation in her class has given me more energy and I feel much stronger.



Anne leads a wonderful class.  She provides many great exercises with a lot of variety which gives us a fantastic workout.  Anne is a really fun instructor.

-Joe Ayers

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