At Key Fitness Personal Training we believe:

  • Every persons is unique and therefore requires individual attention to address their needs.
  • Yelling and screaming might work for some trainers but you won’t find that at our studio.
  • Life happens and a fitness program should fit into your life, NOT the other way around.
  • The health concerns of every client are taken very seriously.

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Check out our different options and contact Anne to see which is right for you!

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Individual Training

This one-on-one training is designed to give you the most individualized attention and focus. Together, we will determine what your most pressing needs are and we will design a program specifically focused on them. Individual training is best for those people:
  • recovering from an injury
  • concerned about medical conditions
  • wanting to exercise in a private setting
  • who have unique schedules
  • are looking for “homework”.  During the one-on-one training session, I will perform an initial fitness assessment, provide basic nutritional advice and create an individualized and dynamic workout that caters to your goals and lifestyle.

Small Group Training

Are you looking to lose a few pounds and tone up? Are you embarrassed to go to a big box gym and wishes there was a place to get a great workout and not feel intimidated by seemingly perfect bodies and grunting guys?   Well look no further.  These groups, 3 -6 people, are designed to increase your strength, flexibility and endurance to become a better version of you! We welcome beginners or those who have taken a break from exercise.  Join us for the economical way to get a great workout with individualized attention from a certified personal trainer! By signing up for our small group training you get:
  • Unlimited 1 hour small group personal training sessions each month
  • Accountability
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Support from like-minded individuals
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