I’m excited to announce my partnership with the Belchertown Recreation Department in offering my very own Fit Mommies Bootcamp! Over the last few years of living here I have heard from countless women that they would love to have some sort of fitness class to go during the time their kids are in school. The Rec Department was lacking adult fitness classes and happily accepted my proposal for this new class. Throughout the 4 week session I will be introducing you to how to challenge your body and get the best results possible. Aside from meeting on Tuesday and Thursday for an hour, I will be assigning “homework” to keep you accountable on the days we don’t meet. This class is for ALL activity levels. No one is too out of shape OR in shape to benefit from this class. The first day I will be conducting a fitness assessment on every person. Don’t worry… no yelling out your weight or how many push-ups you did! Your results are a baseline to see where you started. As the weeks progress and you get stronger, you will love to know how much you have improved! I know a lot of people who are asking why should I spend my time and money to do this bootcamp? My answer is why not? If you are going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week but seeing no results you NEED this bootcamp. Let me teach you the exercises and intensity level you need to achieve your goals. You WILL feel stronger and more fit after these 8 weeks. For more info go to http://www.belchertown.org/departments/rec/Fit%20Mommies%20Bootcamp.htm