The #1 Reason You Are Stuck In The Diet Cycle

The other day I got a text from a good friend of mine who has struggled with her weight for a while. It was Monday at 7 am. Friend: Do you know anything about the “Latest Diet?” A lady at work is doing it and lost 20 pounds. Me: Nope. Never heard of it. Friend: … Read More

Lift Weights to Lose Weight?

Facebook is a double-edged sword. Some days it sucks the life out of you and takes every opportunity to waste a LOT of your time — other days it inspires your latest blog post! A few months ago I got an “On This Day” notification — a look back throughout the years of what you … Read More

Finding Fitness Motivation in the Cardiac ICU

In my last blog post, “Reframing Your Thoughts on Fitness Goals,” I wrote about changing the way we think about exercise. By shifting our thoughts to think of exercise as a privilege instead of a punishment, we give ourselves a little extra push to get out the door. Seeing Richard, my client mentioned in that … Read More

Reframing Your Thoughts on Fitness Goals

Let’s talk fitness goals. My last blog post, Is Your Comfort Zone Hindering Your Fitness Goals?, discussed expanding your comfort zone to help optimize your fitness. Making little steps to re-frame your thoughts on fitness isn’t easy at first, but in time becomes easier and easier. But what happens if you can’t quite muster the courage, … Read More

Is Your Comfort Zone Hindering Your Fitness Goals?

I’ve been thinking a lot about why people don’t start a fitness program or if they do, why they don’t follow through. The obvious things come to mind: They love eating cake and pizza, they don’t want to look foolish, the thought of exercising makes them cringe. Many feel don’t have enough time or they … Read More

40, the Super Bowl & the fitness lesson we learn from it!

Like it or not, Tom Brady and his Patriots are going to the Super Bowl…again. The hatred of everyone outside of New England towards the Patriots is intense. Believe me, being a New England fan in Florida is met with eye rolls and people exclaiming “You aren’t a Patriots fan, are you?” Usually I mumble something … Read More

Benadryl and Fitness Success?

A few weeks ago, in my blog post “Fitness Honesty in Fernandina Beach” I talk about the first step in beginning a fitness journey is honesty. As I was contemplating what it means to be honest, I realized it’s actually pretty difficult to be honest with yourself. On top of that, even once you are honest, it’s … Read More

M&M’s + “No Plan” plan = FAIL

My family and I went camping in Key West over New Year’s weekend. We met up with some friends from Massachusetts and hit all of our favorite spots.  New Year’s Day was spent kayaking and paddle boarding. It was a blast. After a very long drive back to Fernandina Beach, we arrived home late on … Read More

“Non” New Year’s Resolution

Last December I received an email.  The subject line was: “Not a New Year’s Resolution” I was intrigued.  The email went on to explain how this woman was interested in meeting with me to discuss some of her fitness goals.  She emphatically stated that this was “NOT a New Year’s Resolution” but something she has … Read More

Fitness Honesty in Fernandina Beach

The day was finally here. After months of hard work, driving my family crazy, and overcoming bumps and pitfalls along the way, it was happening…. Today I’d have my very first client at my new studio in Fernandina Beach, FL. The lucky winner of a gift certificate I raffled off at an event in town, … Read More