I’ve been in a lot of gyms during my 10 years as a personal trainer.

I’ve seen some pretty amazing transformations of client’s mind and body.

I’ve been asked about many new fads that come out on late night infomercials.

I’ve seen some pretty “interesting” people doing some VERY interesting things and that’s what I’m going to talk about today.  The following is a list of most annoying interesting people I’ve seen in my 10 years.


1.  The “Machine Hog”

This person has NO regard for anyone else who may want to use the machine they have parked themselves on for the last 20 minutes.  In their mind, it’s completely fine to sit on the leg press machine while making phone calls, resting  for 5 minutes between sets or talking  it up with other machine hogs.


2.  The “Please Sir, Don’t Wear Spandex Man”

There is no reason men should wear spandex in a gym.  End of story.


3.  The “Fashionista”

These are the girls that prance around the gym never breaking a sweat and wearing freshly applied makeup.  Each day they wear a new matching spandex outfit while watching themselves in the mirror and looking around to see who is looking at them!


4.The “Toothpick Legs Man”

These guys drive me CRAZY.  They spend hours in the gym each week.  Every day is a new split of upper body exercises.  Bench press, shoulder shrugs, bicep curls, lat pull downs .. any upper body exercise you can think of, they are already doing it.  Start mentioning leg extensions, calf raises, squats or deadlifts and they seem to forget they have a lower body! These are the guys that look like they will tip over because they are so top heavy!


5. The “I’ll Show This Machine Who’s  Boss Man

I have had more experience with this man that any other lately.  It seems like every time I go to the gym there is at least one guy (yes, always guys) who is showing a piece of cardio equipment who is the boss.  He is going at a resistance of 1 as fast as he can.  The poor machine responds by making these awful clunking noises and shakes uncontrollably.  Does he really think that he is getting an effective cardio session???? UGH


I’d love to hear about any interesting people you have encountered over the years!