I hope everyone had a great time at the Cold Springs/Swift River PTO Fun Run! I know I did! What a great showing and awesome event the PTO put on! I can’t wait until next years! It was great to meet each of you and I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and ask about my fitness training programs. I apologize for the delay in selecting the winner, but shortly after the run I took a couple of weeks off and a relaxing family vacation in the Florida sun!


The winner of the $250 dollars worth of Personal Training is…..
MICHELLE ANDRE (e-mail or call me to get started!! CONGRATULATIONS!).


If your name wasn’t selected, don’t worry, I still want to help you! As a sign of my appreciation I am offering anyone who entered the drawing a free fitness consultation AS WELL AS, a free personal training session! This will give you the chance to get some great fitness tips, and see if you would like to train with me regularly. I know I can help you meet whatever fitness goals you have, whether they be losing weight, getting stronger, recovering from an injury…anything! My 10 years of experience has given me the opportunity to work with clients of all types. We are ALL different, and don’t forget, my whole focus of “Key Fitness” is to find your individual “key” to achieving your fitness goals. I really hope each of you will take advantage of this great deal!!!  Send me an e-mail or give me a call to get it scheduled.  Hope to hear from you soon!