In Glamour Magazine there is a section called “Hey, It’s OK…”.  It is basically an article they run every month about feeling ok about things that you don’t usually share with anyone else.   Today is my very first “Hey, It’s OK”…so here goes nothing 🙂


It’s OK…

To have an app that counts the days until the next time I can be  in Key West.

To want to buy every coffee flavor available for my new Keurig.

To wish my sister lived closer.

To never, ever let ANYONE (read husband and kids) take a bite off my plate before I have.

To hate running even though I’ve run 2 marathons.

To not understand people who make fun of overweight people…I guess they are perfect and struggle with nothing!

To eat only the bits of cookie dough out of the ice cream.

To really dislike certain aspects of Crossfit…I mean REALLY dislike 🙂

To have found a new friend whom I should have befriended a long time ago.

To put my ice cold feet on my husband while in bed…he doesn’t mind 😉

To wish classes didn’t start back up in 2 weeks.


That’s all for now!