Temptation #2 is Peanut Butter.


I hear you saying:


“Peanut butter is your temptation??”


Yes, yes it is.


I would have to say that I eat at least a little peanut butter EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  It’s become an obsession really.



Now, I’m well aware that there are MUCH worse foods to be tempted by but to me peanut is in the top 3 most tempting foods.  And actually it’s number 1 for me.



See peanut butter can be considered “good for you”.  Just type “peanut butter” into google and you will be hit with things like


“Is peanut butter healthy for you?”

“Why peanut butter is good for you.”

“Peanut butter packs a healthy punch.”

“The top 8 health benefits of peanut butter.”



Although peanut butter has the reputation for being high in fat, the majority of it comes from monounsaturated fats, the “good” fat.  Fats are known to increase satiety, when part of an overall lower fat diet.  This basically means after you eat it you feel full and satisfied and won’t be back in the kitchen in 20 minutes. Peanut butter also is high in protein, low carb, and cholesterol-free.


See...it's not too bad...



The problem lies in the portion size.  2 TBSP… seriously??? First of all, have you ever measured out a tbsp of peanut butter and then managed to put it on toast? It is a HUGE pain in the a**! More of the luscious butter stays in the darn tablespoon than is acceptable to me.  My solution to this “problem” is to eyeball it.  Yup, I have managed to estimate my 2 tbsp of peanut butter every day.  So if I did this correctly, this jar should last me 35 days.





Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to correctly measure anything by eyeballing it.  This is especially true when after I spread some on my toast I take one last scoop and shove it straight in my mouth.  Gross? No, heavenly.  Grandpa Roberts (my husband’s Grandpa) would eat peanut butter by the spoonful.  Everyone thought it was disgusting.  I, on the other hand, knew I found the right family to marry into! 🙂


The other reason eyeballing doesn’t work so well is when I decide to forgo using a knife to spread it and go straight to dipping.


Don't tell my husband...


See those little white specks? They might be leftover cracker bits that were broken off in the jar by a certain someone FORCEFULLY scooping peanut butter out of the jar.


I have a problem.

So…here is my solution to my peanut butter addiction:
1.  Measure with an actual tablespoon (even though it is annoying).

2.  Do NOT shove any peanut butter in my mouth without having used the meauring utensil first.

3.  NEVER dip crackers or pretzels or celery or ANYTHING into the jar and put it in my mouth.

4.  If there is a mishap with peanut butter, think about the good reasons to eat it and move on with my day.


Finally, I just can’t see that peanut butter is all that bad for me.  I mean who can really resist a delicious food that can increase my protein intake, make me more full AND is absolutely delicious …what more can I ask for? 🙂