So I have been failing to post as often as I should/need to.  I started a plank challenge on Facebook that needs some stability so here is my answer to both of these things!  A lot of you were frustrated that I wasn’t posting the Challenge first thing in the morning.  I understand.  I got busy and they dropped to later in the day and then I missed a bunch.  I don’t want to let anyone down so here is the first of 4 posts that will outline challenges for each day for a week.  The following is a schedule for the next 7 days.  Complete each day and be proud of what you have done.  You don’t have to tell me how you did but keep yourself accountable in your own way.  Some ideas on accountability include setting an alarm on your phone, print this blog post and put it on your fridge, find a “plank buddy” to check in with or pick a set time to complete the challenge.  Also, I’m labeling each challenge as Week X Days 1-7.  I know things come up.  I’m giving you the liberty of taking the one day of rest and putting it where you need it.  Good Luck!


 Week 1 Days 1-7


Day 1 Since we all need some refocusing, let today be regular plank for as long as you can (Max plank).  If you make it 2 minutes 10 seconds, this is now your max plank.


Day 2  Complete Max plank again.  Simply hold plank for as long as you did on Day 1.


Day 3 Add 5 seconds to Max Plank.


Day 4 Complete Max Plank +5 seconds again.


Day 5 You will take your Max Plank and divide it in half. That is your “work” time. Your “rest” time is your “work” time divided in half.

For example:

My time from yesterday was 2:10.

Today’s Plank time: 2:10 min/2 = 1:05 min

Rest time between each 1:05 min plank: 1:05/2 = 32 seconds

Repeat 4 times.

So my Plank Challenge for today looks like this:

1:05 min plank
32 second rest
1:05 min plank
32 second rest
1:05 min plank
32 second rest
1:05 min plank


Day 6 Add 10 seconds to Max Plank


Day 7 Rest (A floating day to use where you want!)


 If you are completely new to planking, shoot me an email or leave a comment and I’ll give some tips on how to get the most out of this fantastic core exercise!



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