I finished Massage Therapy school last Thursday.  You would think I would be super excited but I actually feel a little lost.  I went to school 4 days each week since September and now it’s time to get back into the “real world”.  I’m feeling a little intimidated and unmotivated.  I have TONS of things to do but no starting point.  So instead of continuing on this downward spiral I’ve decided to find a solution.  You see, I am the master of THINKING of good ideas but terrible at DOING them.  So this blog post is the first step in DOING something.


I think a lot of people feel the same way about fitness.  You have big plans about going to exercise but actually doing the workout is another story.  I think about what I would tell a client who had this problem.  I’d tell them to:


  • schedule workouts into the calendar

  • write down short and long term goals

  • tell others about the goals for accountability

  • give themselves a pat on the back when they accomplish a goal (no matter how small the accomplishment might seem)



So whether your short term goal is to drink 8 glasses of water each day or run 5 miles 3 days per week, keep DOING and not just THINKING.


I’m off to give myself a pat on the back 🙂