Welcome to my blog about fitness, nutrition and life! I am a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, wife, mother and lover of all things Key West! I currently live in Belchertown with my husband and 2 kids. I have been in the fitness industry for almost 10 (!) years now and I love it more every day. After working in numerous gyms all over the country, I have decided to go out on my own and create Key Fitness. I was tired of someone else telling me what to do with my clients, only helping people who felt comfortable in a gym and not being paid (a long story).
So here I am a business owner and loving every minute of it! I train my clients in their homes, at a few gyms in the local area (Amherst, Belchertown, Ware, Hadley and Ludlow), at The Aerobics and Fitness Studio in Amherst and outside in the warmer weather. I specialize in weight loss, strength training, interval training, bodyweight exercises and functional exercises.
I plan to use this blog as a way of sharing different topics related to fitness and life in general. Stay tuned for my next post!