The average age of my clients is late 50’s with ages ranging from 24 to 87 years old.  I deal with a variety of issues every day ranging from losing weight to tight hamstrings to determining the appropriate workout for a client undergoing radiation.  My days are never boring.  How could they be? The problems facing a 24 year old are vastly different than those an 87 year old face.  I love waking up and never really now what I’ll be dealing with.   There is one common thread among all of them…. they are getting older.  And with getting older comes change.

Our bodies are constantly having to adjust to the curveballs that life throws our way.

  • We are losing muscles mass because we aren’t doing any strength training.
  • We are gaining weight because our metabolism has slowed down.
  • We are get injuries simply because we don’t bounce back like we used to.

For some reason, I never considered that I too am getting older and have a body that is changing.  Dumb…I know.  So while I take all of the proper precautions with all of my clients to account for age related issues, I NEVER do that for myself.

Stretching…pffff.  I don’t need to stretch.  Foam rollering….nah.  I’m a Massage Therapist… I get massages (once in a while).  Lifting really heavy multiple days in a row…sure! I’m going to be strong!

Well, as you might expect, my bad habits have caught up to me.  You know the old saying “If you’re not getting older, you are dead”.