The Relay for Life is a HUGE fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  If you have never heard of it, it’s a 24 hour relay were members of each “team” are to be walking the track at all times.  Donations are collected, things sold, baskets of goodies raffled off,  luminaria bags lit and memories of those who have lost their lives to cancer shared.  In short, it’s a fun event to raise money for a not so fun disease.



I am participating in this event for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s a great cause
  2. My son, Thomas’ Cub Scout pack has a team and I volunteered to help out
  3. It’s fun
  4. I had cancer

All standard reason’s for helping out…except for #4 maybe!


27 years ago I was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor, childhood kidney cancer.  I had my right kidney removed and 6 months of chemo.  So, if you know my age now you would know that all of this happened at the ripe old age of 7.  People ask if I remember what happened all those years ago.  Of course I do.  It’s hard to forget because of the constant reminders like the huge scar that’s on the right side of my body, the paranoia I have every time my kid’s bellys hurt, the time when I hold my breath during their annual physicals and anytime I hear about someone being diagnosed with cancer.


So I guess #4 should be #1 on my list.  I’m involved with the Relay for Life because I know first hand how much cancer sucks.  But really, for me, it doesn’t suck so bad.


I’m still here.

I have an awesome healthy family.

I have a healthy body that is not betraying me.

I’m watching my children grow up and develop into amazing people.

I’m growing old with my husband and living a life I could have only dreamed of.

I’m alive.

I Relay to raise money for all of those who weren’t so lucky.

I raise money to find a cure so there will be more stories like mine.


I will be raffling off a basket at the Relay of free personal training sessions and fitness related “stuff”.  All proceeds of the raffle go to my team, Pack 57 Rocks Against Cancer.


Come on down to the Belchertown Track June 22nd 6pm – June 23rd 12pm to support a great cause.  Like I said there will be goodies to buy, raffle tickets sold, a rock wall to climb and stories to share.  You don’t have to be on a team to check things out!


If you want to donate to my team but aren’t in the area, you can go to or send donation directly to me.