Lately there is one word to describe my relationship with working out…




Urban Dictionary defines slacker as:


Someone who puts off doing things to the last minute, and when the last minutes comes, decides it wasn’t all that important anyways and forgets about it



 This is exactly what I have been doing with my workouts.  I’ll go to bed with grand visions of a fantastic workout but they just haven’t been happening.  My morning workout gets pushed to lunchtime which gets bumped to late afternoon which gets pushed to evening.  Evening comes and I have a million and one reasons why I can’t , shouldn’t  and end up not working out.  It’s not that I don’t like working out, I actually love it.  


I’m really not sure what my problem is.


Could it be that I’m run down after a long semester?

Have a lot of trainings?

Christmas shopping to do?

Christmas parties to attend?

Cookies to make?

House to clean?


I guess it’s all of these things plus many more that I have yet to identify.  But instead of getting down on myself that I have been eating a few too many Hershey’s kisses and not doing  enough squats I’m going to look at this time as a “break”.  To me a “break” is not a time to eat crap all day and not move but to enjoy some things I don’t normally and get some workouts in if I have time.  In my opinion, there has to be times during the year that you “take a break”.  If you are continuously training for something and eating perfectly, you will most likely burn out.  It’s better to schedule your “break” times when you want them instead of crashing right before an event.  


So even though it feels a little weird to step back from what I preach everyday, I know I will come out of this break much more energized and eager to workout!